Mining & Industrial

    Gauge-Shop can provide you controls and instrumentation for pressure, temperature, level, vibration, overspeed, and more for engine-powered and electric motor-powered equipment.

    Engine protection systems with alarm and/or automatic shutdown.

    Full line of controls, everything from sensors to gauges and micro-controllers.

    Applications include stationary and mobile equipment such as generators, compressors, fleet vehicles, forklifts, materials handling and construction equipment.


    VDO logo
    The classic VDO round instrument has become a standard feature in construction machines, agricultural machines and on stationary machine panels.

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    VDO Cockpit International

    Tecsis Logo
    From direct mount pressure/temperature gauges & switches to electronic transmitters, the Tecsis range of products will have a solution for you. Stainless Steel, glycorine/oil filled pressure gauges a speciality.

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    Tecsis 63mm Guage

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    Whether you’re after standard pressure gauges  or something specific-custom pressure/vacuum gauges a speciality.

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    Floyd Guages

    Gauge-Shop stocks a vast range of Teleflex Industrial cables & Controls from push/pulls, throttle, PTO, Gear select etc

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    Teleflex Marine Controls

    Gauge-Shop manufactures stainless steel cables for  Domestic, Industrial and Marine applications. We offer a totally custom service for Stainless Steel wire products from 2.5mm to 5mm diameter.

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