Formally known as VDO Industrial Products

    Model P1454- Bottom mount, 63mm Industrial pressure gauge

    Model P1453- Rear/panel mount, 63mm Industrial pressure gauge

    The time proven system technology of the glycerine pressure gauges has been intergrated in a new stainless steel case with modern design. This instrument fulfills the safety requirements of EN 837-1/S2.

    The glycerine filling of the case protects the measuring system against wear by pulsating pressures and mechanical vibration; at the same time it provides lubrification of the moving parts.

    • 63mm diameter
    • High dynamic load
    • Rugged construction
    • Stainless steel case
    • Low wear
    • Versatile applications

    Model P1778- bottom mount, 100mm Industrial pressure gauge

    Model P1779- Rear/panel mount, 100mm Industrial pressure gauge

    The Heavy Duty pressure gauges with glycerine filling are used at measuring points with high dynamic alternating loads and strong vibrations and pulses. The glycerine filling ensures smooth pointer movement and thus good readability even in extreme load and strong vibration conditions.

    The lubricating effect of the glycerine also provides protection against increased wear. The modern modular construction system with an o-ring sealing system, tried and tested for many years, ensures a high level of functional safety and a long service life.

    • 100mm diameter
    • High reliability and long service life due to modular construction system
    • Overload capacity 1.3x
    • Protection to IP 65
    • Accuracy class 1.0
    • Casing, stainless steel, Copper alloy measuring system

    Tecsis Digital Gauge

    Model DC400- Digital pressure gauge

    The new DC400 digital manometer from tecsis is the ideal solution for a local, network independent display. Accuracy, reliability and extremely good mechanical loading capability are the outstanding characteristics of this product

    • Measuring ranges from 2 up to 700 bar
    • Switchable measuring range options (bar, psi and MPa)
    • LC-Display with numerals 11 mm high
    • Bar graph display with a trailing pointer function
    • MIN/MAX-memory and tara/zero function
    • Stainles Steel Case and IP65 protection


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