Cockpit Vision Exhaust Temperature- Pyrometer (EGT) Kit

    VDO Cockpit Vision- Pyrometer Kit (EGT)

    • Monitoring the EGT of your turbocharged vehicle is a handy feature - especially important when towing
    • Suitable for most exhaust systems
      • Kit includes Instrument, Thermocouple, Wiring Loom (5m) and Weld boss (1/4" NPTF)
      • Thermocouple connection is by 1/4" - 18 NPTF compression fitting
      • Thru dial Illumination, 12V included

      Note: Each part in this kit is available separately. Please contact our office for p/n and pricing

       Range Specifications Size
      100-900°C 37.6mV@900 C 52mm