Pressure Switch Gauge- 200 psi Mechanical

    Murphy: 20P Series Mechanical Pressure Switch Gauge- 200psi

    The 20 Series (2 inch/51 mm dial) SWICHGAUGE® models are diaphragm-actuated, pressure-indicating gauges, with built-in electrical switches. These switches are used for tripping alarms and/or shutdown devices. 

    The gauge mechanism is enclosed in a steel case coated to resist corrosion. A polycarbonate, break-resistant lens and a polished, stainless steel bezel help protect this rugged, built-to-last instrument. Accuracy and protection from moderate overpressure is assured by a unique, unitized diaphragm chamber. A built-in pulsation dampener helps eliminate pointer flutter and is removable for cleaning.

    The 20P gauge pointer acts as a pressure indicator and as one switch pole which completes a circuit when it touches the adjustable limit contact. Contacts are grounded through the SWICHGAUGE® case and have self-cleaning motion to ensure electrical continuity.


    The SWICHGAUGE® was specifically designed to protect engines/equipment in Oil Field, Marine, Irrigation, Construction and Trucking applications to monitor Engine Lube Pressure, Water PumpPressure, Hydraulic Pressure, Air Pressure, etc.