Shutdown Relay - 760 Series


    Murphy Shutdown Relay - 760 Series

    The Murphy 760A-30 Magnetic Switch is used for distributor ignition or diesel engines. Time delay lockout of Swichgage® contacts on start-up only; customer wired for delayed or immediate trip on shutdown. Breaks and makes circuits when tripped. This 12 volt model has a 30 second time delay and resets automatically when power is removed.

    The 760A-30 Magnetic Switch features an electric non-indicating reset type. The control circuit output contacts are NCH and NOH. In the latched position the NCH contact has a "hot" output. In the tripped position the NOH contact has a "hot" output. The latch type is energize to trip. Contacts are rated for 10 amps 24V. 14 amp fuse is included.