SingleViu Tachometer- 2500 rpm

    • Tachometer with built in Digital Hourmeter and Clock selectable through button on front.
    • Compatible with the following signals:
      • Inductive/magnetic pickup - Alternator signal - Hall Effect - ECU Sine or Square wave - 12V Square wave from Electronic ignition.
      • For use with Coil pickup will require 411.088 signal buffer. 
    • Anti-fog and anti-reflective glass
    • Field adjustable from 1 - 999 pulses per revolution
    • Operating Voltage 12V/24V
    • Illumination Colour can be programmed from factory setting of White to Red, Blue, Green or Amber.
    • Warning Switch point can be programmed to activate the built in warning light in the gauge


    Note: programming of Illumination colour and warning point can only be done by Gauge Shop at time of purchase- see drop boxes above

     0 - 2500 rpm