Temperature Switch Gauge- 120c/ 250f Mechanical- Illuminated

    Capillary Length

    Murphy: 20T Series Mechanical Temperature gauge with switch

    These gauges are identical to the 20T series in that they have a single adjustable contact point which triggers upon high temperature and have transparent cut outs built into the case so that it can be illuminated using the Murphy Illuminatin Kit 05702176

    • 'Combination Indicating Gauge' and 'Limit Switch'
    • Critical/High Temperature Limit Switch Is Visible and Adjustable
    • Switch can activate alarms and/or shut down equipment
    • Contact 'grounds' through case

    Note: Illumination Kit  p/n: 05702176 required- sold seperately.


    Industrial engines and equipment in Oil Field, Marine, Irrigation, Construction and Trucking industries. Monitoring Engine Coolant, Crankcase Oil, Transmission Oil.