Electronic Ratio Box- Adjustable

    VDO Electronic Ratio Box - Adjustable

    • The Electronic Ratio Box is designed to give a permanent fixed ratio signal output from a continuously varying input signal.
    • This could be any variable frequency signal in an automotive, marine or industrial environment,
    • Commonly used to calibrate Speeometers and Tachomters with Hall effect, magnetic pick up (Inductive) or alternator signals.
    • The ratio is extremely easy to adjust and may even be performed, if necessary, without workshop instruments by a trial and error method explained in the settings section.
    • Standard output is a square wave with ~ 50% duty cycle and 0–10v p-p signal. An option available on the unit is a square wave output set to a peak to peak voltage matching the supply line. Some 24volt systems are looking for signals at this level.
    • Maximum output frequency is ~ 500 Hz regardless of ratio.
    • Minimum output frequency is 5 Hz regardless of ratio.
    • Inputs are designed for standard hall effect at 0–10vp-p or standard magnetic pickup (inductive) from minimumof ~ 2.5v to 50v.

    NOTE: This module is designed as a universal unit to suit as many automotive type applications as possible. However there may be some
    systems where the input or output signals are not compatible with this unit. The manufacturer is not responsible for incorrect fitting or
    damage caused by or during the fitting of this module.