Signal Interface- Multi purpose

    Signal Interface - Multi purpose

    • The 411.100 Signal Interface is designed to provide a variety of output signals from the standard tachometer and speed signals available in most automotive applications.
    • The options are… · Convert an AC signal (eg: inductive, generator, alternator, or ignition) to a square wave signal.
    • Divide an input signal frequency down by a factor of 2, 4, 8, or 16. · Provide 2 output signals (180° out of phase) to operate a tachograph (eg: VDO Kienzle 1318, 1319).
    • Vary the mark to space ratio (duty cycle) of a square wave signal depending on the input frequency variation. 
    • Amplify a weak signal and convert it to a square wave to operate two or more devices off the two outputs.
    • Supply a regulated 10vdc output for Hall Effect or Proximity Switch Sender. · Standard output is a square wave with ~ 50% duty cycle and 0–10v p-p signal.

    NOTE: This module is designed as a universal unit to suit as many automotive type applications as possible. However there may be some systems where the input or output signals are not compatible with this unit. The manufacturer is not responsible for incorrect fitting or damage caused by or during the fitting of this module.